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FY2023 Department of Physics, Graduate School of Science, The University of Tokyo Applications for JSR Fellowship are now open. (Deadline: March 3, 2023)

The application deadline for this year is closed.

1. Objectives

The Department of Physics, Graduate School of Science, the University of Tokyo and JSR Corporation signed a comprehensive partnership agreement on 25 February, 2020, and as part of the partnership the JSR Fellowship was established for doctoral students of the Department of Physics, Graduate School of Science, the University of Tokyo. This Fellowship is designed to develop the students to be able to demonstrate leadership in academia and industry after obtaining their PhDs, and it does not attach conditions on specific research areas and career options. The Fellowship provides the doctoral students of the Department of Physics with a comfortable research environment, and it will hopefully lead to improved motivation for their future.

2. Eligibility, Conditions and Terms

  1. Applicants who plan to enroll in the doctoral course of the Department of Physics in April 2023. The Fellowship duration finishes at the end of their 3rd year of doctoral course.
  2. Of the above 2-1, doctoral students who belong to the Research Fellowship for Young Scientists (DC), WISE Program and WINGS Program (FoPM, IGPEES, MERIT, FMSP, GSGC, Q-STEP) (hereinafter referred to as WINGS students), and SPRING GX Project students (hereinafter referred to as SPRING GX students) must maintain their affiliation with the programs they have received support for and continue their activities.
    Note that successful applicants who decline JSR Fellowship shall not be eligible to accept other company fellowships while they are graduate students.
  3. Doctoral students who belong to Q-LEAP (Quantum Leap Flagship Program) among students who take or belong to the programs defined separately in Article 3 (Students to be Commissioned) of the Implementation Guideline for TAKUETSU Research Assistant of the University of Tokyo are not eligible.

3. Funding

Successful applicants (CURIE students hereafter) will be awarded a financial incentive or scholarship, and research funds starting from April of the year of award until the end of their 3rd year of doctoral course. Those who are awarded financial incentives are also awarded research funds (Note4, Note5, Note6).
CURIE students are awarded a financial incentive of 280k JPY/month (Note1) or a scholarship of 80k JPY/month (Note2, Note3). Additionally, those who are awarded the financial incentive are also awarded research funds up to 1M JPY/year.

  1. CURIE students not applicable to *2, WISE students, WINGS students and SPRING GX students are eligible for the financial incentive of 280k JPY/month and the research funds of 1M JPY/year from the JSR Fellowship. However, they must decline the financial incentives from WISE Program, WINGS Program and SPRING GX program while maintaining their activities as WISE students, WINGS students and SPRING GX students.
  2. CURIE students with Research Fellowship for Young Scientists (DC1/DC2, DC students hereafter) will be awarded the scholarship (80k JPY/month). Although the JSR Fellowship shall not grant research funds to them, it will support DC students separately if necessary (Note5, Note6).
  3. If a person selected as CURIE student is hired as a DC student in the middle of the hired year, it will continue as Note2.
  4. CURIE students are awarded a financial incentive of 280k JPY/month and research funds up to 1M JPY/year until the end of their 3rd year of doctoral course.
  5. Even during the fellowship, if research activities of CURIE students are found to be insufficient, they will be excluded from the JSR Fellowship. They will no longer be eligible for these awards even if they are still graduate students.
  6. Even during the fellowship, if research activities of CURIE students are found to be insufficient, the payment of the financial incentive and the research funds from the JSR Fellowship may be stopped for a set period of time.

4. Obligations

  1. When WISE students and WINGS students are awarded a JSR Fellowship, they must maintain their activities as WISE students and WINGS students and they must stay in line with the course requisites, the application to DC1 and DC2 of JSPS, and so forth.
  2. CURIE students must give their research reports at research workshops with JSR Corporation.
  3. CURIE students must actively participate in Teaching Assistant duties.
  4. A co-supervisor system will be adopted, and co-supervisors shall interview CURIE students every quarter except for WISE students, and WINGS students.

5. How to Apply

(1) Application Period

Applicants shall submit the application documents specified in sections 6 (1) and (2). Submit (1) via email to CURIE Admin at Physics Department Office (curie_admin[at]phys.s.u-tokyo.ac.jp *Replace [at] with @.) from 22 February 2023 to 3 March 2023. CURIE Admin will acknowledge receipt of email in 24 hours (the following Monday in the case of a weekend). If an acknowledgment email is not received, applicants must contact CURIE Admin Office immediately.

(2) Number of Applicants to be Awarded

2 students of the first year of doctoral course.

6. Application Documents

  1. JSR Fellowship Application Form (Application Form will not be returned to applicants.)
    Applicants shall convert the file to PDF and submit via Email.
  2. Letter of opinion by the applicant’s Supervisor

    For supervisors, please upload the file to the following link.

    After successful selection, the applicant will be required to submit the following documents.
    Please do NOT send these documents when applying initially.
    Successful Applicants must provide the following documents
    (Use the designated forms for those marked with*.)
    (A): Resume* (Signature and face photo are not necessary.) One
    (B): Photocopy of Student ID Card One
    (C): Request Form for Salary Bank Account Transfer* One
    (D): Either one of the Application for Change in Exemption for Dependents of Employment Income Earner* or Application for 乙 (Otsu)* (not necessary if submitted previously this year)
    (E): A Complete Set of Documents Related to Individual Number (Enclose the documents in a securely sealed envelope with your name and student ID number on it. You need not submit these documents if you have submitted them to the university previously.) (1) Photocopy of Individual Number; (2) Photocopy of Student ID Card, Passport, etc.; and (3) Consent Form of Individual Number Use, also Registration Statement*

7. Selection and When to Expect a Decision on Application

Committees shall be established at the Department of Physics to screen and select applicants based on submitted documents, and the selection results will be notified by 16 March 2023.

8. Payment

The fellowship begins in April 2023, and monthly payments shall be made in the following month to the bank account of CURIE students. The timing and payment method of the research funds will be notified separately.

9. Notes

  1. Students specified below are also allowed to apply for JSR Fellowship: those who are receiving other research incentives, scholarships, who are research assistants (RA), or who are receiving any similar financial supports. However, if successfully selected, applicants must decline those supports. In this case, precisely declare the following in the corresponding field of the application form: the name of the system from which you are receiving financial assistance, the amount of money you are currently receiving or the monthly amount to be received, and the scheduled period of assistance. Applicants or their supervisors or the supporting organizations may be contacted for details if necessary.
  2. You must submit the JSR Fellowship Report (Form 2) yearly.
  3. If you have been disqualified for this system or if you decide to cancel your commissioned academic research work for your personal reasons, notify the fellowship organizer immediately. In addition, if there is a problem with the progress of academic research work or attitude or behavior toward the work, we may change or cancel the contents of the Fellowship, even in its duration. In this case, the JSR Fellowship Report (Form 2) must also be submitted to the CURIE Admin Office.
  4. This fellowship is handled as employment income under the Income Tax Act. Please carry out the prescribed procedures such as final tax return if necessary.
  5. Please note that you are not able to receive a dependent deduction under the Income Tax Act and cannot be reported as dependent of your parent's health insurance. Please follow the appropriate procedures.

10. Others

The above conditions may change depending on budget.

14 February 2023


CURIE office, The University of Tokyo
curie_admin[at]phys.s.u-tokyo.ac.jp *Replace [at] with @
03-5841- 5304 [Extension: 25304]