Our Office

We have set up a collaborative creation office in the Faculty of Science Building No. 1 as a space to activate collaboration between faculty members / students of The University of Tokyo, Graduate School of Science, Department of Physics and JSR researchers. As a place for gaining new knowledge and awareness through interaction between both parties, the layout can be easily changed depending on the content of the event, and can be flexible exchange area dependent to working location. We have introduced an AV system such as digital signage, two large projectors, a camera, and a ceiling speaker to bring out more casual communication, and designed it to be a place for sharing information and transmission using ICT. We aim to be a place to create innovation by combining people's ideas and inspiration.

The office is equipped with projectors, whiteboards and academic journals.
The office is equipped with a 55-inch touch panel digital signage, which provides the latest information on JSR-UTokyo Collaboration Hub, CURIE and academic paper information.
Digital signage using a 75-inch 4K display is installed at the entrance of the office, providing variety of latest information.