Fusion of Physicsand Chemistry

Multiple collaborative research sharing academic
and social challenges

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CURIE is a collaborative creation hub aimed for fusion of physics and practical study based on chemistry

The University of Tokyo and JSR aims for social implementation of high performance products through Material Innovation and creation of achievements which will become basis of next generation science and application at collaborative creation hub in the Faculty of Science Building No. 1 at The University of Tokyo Hongo campus.


Research at CURIE

Through this comprehensive collaboration, JSR will gain a deep understanding of the functional expression principle of products and promote the development of products with extremely high differentiation performance by combining physics and chemistry.
In addition, the Department(1) will transmit to the world the achievements that will become the foundation of next-generation science and applications by exploring various phenomena and pursuing science from a physical perspective in this collaboration.
(1) the Department…Department of Physics, Graduate School of Science, The University of Tokyo

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Lectures and workshops will be held by world-leading researchers and engineers.


JSR Fellowship

“JSR Fellowship” is a grant-type fellowship for Ph.D. candidates at the Department of Physics. The purpose of this fellowship is to cultivate experts who will contribute to the advancement of science and industry through comprehensive physics that is not just limited to theory and experiments.